Forecast Error Tracking 
Curtailment actions are taken by industrial consumers in response to high forecast demand.  So when the demand arrives 
significantly different than expected it is important to know right away.  The Console Forecast Error tracking module calculates a 5-minute forecast for the whole day, and compares this to actual demand in real-timer paragraph here.

During Peak Days you will get updates to changes in the peak hours. This information is right in front of you on the console. You will also receive emails to your hand held device so you are always updated with the latest information as you need it. This allows you to fine tune your curtailment strategy and make adjustments according to the dynamics of the day. 

Our Tools are Handy and it is Easy to Access a Ton of Information within Seconds.

Know when the forecast exceed your threshold.

The PANs Console

The PANs Console is an online tool which provides you with the latest information available on the grid directly from the Independent Electrical System Operator (IESO). You will use this to provide up-to-date information on what is happening with the Ontario Demand so that you can adjust your consumption according to the market signals your receiving during the day of the peak.

Hourly Forecast an Historical Information
Hourly forecast and historical data are shown according to times you set.  Easily monitor and set trigger events for items such as Energy Price,  or Ontario Demand. 

Long Term Ontario Demand Forecast
Demand Data is tracked looking forward , allowing you to identify peak hours or if a trend of high demand is about to begin. This allows you to avoid unnecessary load curtailments and plan into the next week.

Market Monitoring Tools

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Choose which hours to curtail depending on your risk profile.