Conservation and Demand Management Services

Our company has been offering conservation and demand management services to large industrial and commercial customers for over 20 years. During that time we have saved companies millions of dollars in avoided energy costs. We have an innovative approach to implementing programs that few companies can claim they do. Our in depth knowledge of the industry allows us to approach the market in a very unique way. 

We have worked with several utilities in the development and implementation of CDM programs throughout Ontario. We evaluate the effectiveness of a utility‚Äôs existing CDM programs and provide Total Resource Costing (TRC) on the effectiveness of those programs. We measure the true results of the programs and prepare regulatory ready reports to be used during rate hearings. 

We assist utilities in developing new CDM programs to meet conservation goals and targets. We help the LDC community tailor the programs to meet the specific needs of each of their market type, commercial, industrial, institutional, or residential.