Reducing your Global Adjustment Costs

The Global Adjustment (GA) is a line item charge on your monthly Ontario electricity bill. The GA accounts for the difference between the market price and rates paid to regulated and contracted generators as well as conservation and demand management programs. The GA charge has become one of the highest component charges on your electrical bill.

‚ÄčOur estimate for 2017& 2018 calendar year is a total GA of over $8 Billion for Ontario, resulting in an average cost of between $400,000 - $500,000 per MW (measured during the top 5 Ontario peaks for Class A consumers).

In other words, if you can reduce your net load through curtailment or on-site generation by 1 MW for all 5 Ontario Peaks, then you will save about $400,000 for the year. If you only cut one of the five peaks then your savings will be about $80,000/MW.

It is a value you cannot ignore. Especially when you are looking to reduce your operating costs.

Our services are designed to help you determine when those peaks occur so you can take steps to avoid them.


One of the most important features we offer is education and market intelligence. We help you understand the  programs so you have the ability to maximize on the opportunities.


‚ÄčThe Peak Advisory and Notification Service (PANs) provides customers  with intelligence to know when to cut load so they can reduce their Global Adjustment charges

Helping customers reduce their Global Adjustment Charges

Market Console

The Market console is an online tool which provides you with  a window into the grid where you can easily access information on the grid.